10 Tips To Help You Stop Smoking

Quit-SmokingThere are many more things that will challenge you personally than trying to stop smoking. Just ask and former smoker, or those who have tried to stop and couldn’t. We’ve asked around from those people and have collected some advice, ideas, and suggestions that can create a foundation toward success.

  • Clean House

The first thing you need to do once you have determined you are going to quit smoking, clean your home from top to bottom. Getting your home freshen up will get out that lingering cigarette smoke and that includes having the carpet, curtains, and furniture steam cleaned and all your clothes washed – even though you haven’t worn in sometime. Tobacco odor, even stale tobacco odor, will trigger cravings. With everything cleaned, that odor is gone and with this clean environment, the withdrawal will be easier.

  • Trash Any and All Smoking Paraphernalia

Get rid of the ashtrays, lighters, and other paraphernalia that you may have used while smoking. By eliminating these things from your home, you’re making a strong commitment and will be more likely to be successful.

  • Create and Stick with an Exercise Regimen

Take up cycling, running, or any healthy, vigorous exercise. This will give your body a dopamine release that will replace the one cigarettes gave you. Staying active will get the repair of your body going and your health will improve quicker and you see the progress in many ways. By keeping a focus on a rigorous exercise program, you will have less time thinking about cigarettes and smoking. It will also make you less likely to go back to smoking, since you won’t want to lose what you have already accomplished.

  • Find A Hobby

If you don’t have one already, find a hobby that is interesting that keeps your hands and mind of smoking. Many former smokers have turned to cooking simply because food taste better. Or painting and you can start that hobby by painting your house. That will give you a two-for-one result: It will keep your hands and mind busy while it gets the ceiling and walls clean.

  • Create Healthy Snacks

One of the first things you’ll notice when you stop smoking is an increase in your appetite. Which could be why many former smokers turn to cooking for a hobby!  You will snack to substitute the smoking, so make healthy choices like apples, carrots, and celery. The crunch will substitute the inhaling and the chewing will keep your mouth busy. And your hands will still be doing the familiar thing of sticking something in your mouth.

quitting smoking timetable


  • Invest In A Stress Ball

Finding a way to help you relax when you stop smoking is important. Smoking is often driven by anxiety and worry, so find a way to stay calm that doesn’t involve nicotine, something that will keep those hands busy. A stress ball is great for relief and a simple toy like a fidget spinner or silly putty can be helpful too.

  • Caffeine Reduction

With less nicotine in your body, you’ll find that coffee will affect you stronger and as a stimulant, your heart will work harder, which will increase your stress level. By reducing your intake of caffeine, you’ll find that you’ll start feeling less stress, sleep better, and overall, feel better.

  • Meditation

You may feel this is somewhat exotic and extreme, but meditation is a terrific way handle the psychological facets you’ll experience because of the withdrawal from the nicotine. Meditation is simply an exercise that uses deep breathing to help you focus and relax. You can use mental visions of things that make you feel relaxed, or chanting a mantra is helpful for many. Others will focus on their breathing and that alone helps them relax.

  • Increase Your Water Intake

Water speeds up the detox and eases your cough, which will help get that mucus out of your lungs. Water will also help decrease your urge to eat instead of smoke!

  • Breath Deep

Whenever that craving for a cigarette hits you, take in a slow, deep breath and hold it in, then slowly release it. This is a simple exercise that will relieve the stress that the nicotine cravings create, helping you to calm down and relax.  It will also help you with any dizziness, headaches, or lightheadedness you may experience as you go through detox.


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