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There’s nothing worse than going to take a draw from your vape mod and finding that it isn’t working. There are lots of reasons why your device might stop functioning, however there are five main reasons why your vape might stop firing. Luckily, there’s no need to panic just yet, as in this #1 vape mod guide from  to solving the most common problems we look at some of the most likely culprits of your vaping problems and how to go about resolving them.

1. No Connection

Although we all know that our vape mods need to be cleaned regularly, too many of us fail to keep our maintenance up to date. Check all of the key mod areas for corrosion and dirt, including the battery terminals and other connection points and make sure that you clean them properly. Once you’ve got your device back in working order, make sure that you keep on top of regular maintenance, cleaning the connection points using a Q-Tip whenever you take the atomizer off. This will hopefully prevent the same problem from occurring again.

2. Poorly Installed O-Rings

If you have just installed some new coils, you may not have put them in correctly. Make sure that everything is properly seated, since the o-rings may not be fully pushed up and this could result in a poor connection. This will take just 2 seconds to fix.

3. Incorrectly Connected Atomizer

Although it may seem simple to connect the mod and the tank together with a simple twist, sometimes that doesn’t quite work out. Sometimes the insulators don’t work properly or the connection pins aren’t properly touching, and you need to check them to ensure that the connection is strong right across the circuit,

4. Dodgy Batteries

When you use replaceable batteries, this is a quick fix by simply removing the existing ones and installing new ones. It’s possible that your battery life has finally run out or doesn’t have enough charge so fully charging them up or putting fresh ones in could resolve your firing problem. Alternatively, the connection points may be dirty and therefore forming a poor connection with the cells. You may even have loose batteries which can be pushed back into the correct place.

vaping safety

5. Accidental Drops

If you have accidentally dropped your vape mod on the floor, you may well have dislodged or damaged some of its internal components, even if its exterior looks fine. The chipsets inside these devices are delicate, and while they can take some rough handling, a bad fall can knock components out of place. If you have tried everything on this list and nothing works, you may need to bite the bullet and seek professional help, or just check out the latest reviews on and consider buying one of the newest devices as a replacement. Remember that all vaping devices have a finite lifespan, and eventually, it will require replacing, no matter how well you care for it and how careful you are!

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Your body will experience many things, both mentally and physically, after you quit smoking. We’re going to talk about the short-term effects you’ll experience as well as the long-term effects you’ll experience.

What You Can Expect In The Short Term

The effects in the short-term start as soon as twenty minutes after your last cigarette. And that is your heart rate slowing down. The chemicals that are produced by cigarette ingredients are known to speed up the heart and raise the blood pressure. Go 20 minutes without a cigarette and both of those things will drop.

smokerWithin 2 hours, your blood pressure and heart rate are back to normal and that allows your body’s peripheral circulation to improve, meaning, your extremities such as your fingers regain their sense of feel. On the downside, you will also gain an appetite with cravings, become anxious, irritable, and sleepy. These are symptoms of withdrawal.

After 12 hours of quitting, the blood oxygen in your body raises up to a normal level.  The carbon monoxide that releases from those cigarettes you’ve been inhaling are toxic to your body’s blood cells. Once your body goes 12 hours without a cigarette, those blood cells and oxygen can bond.

Going 24 hours without a cigarette, you lower your heart attack risks. And within 48 hours, those nerve endings that smoking has killed, regrow and you will notice you can smell things and taste things you haven’t in a long time. After three days of not smoking, the nicotine levels in your body are depleted. What you do gain though are more cravings, you become irritable and tense.

Two to 3 weeks after you quit smoking, your body will experience regenerative processes, such as in your circulation, your heart, and your lungs. With these regenerated, you will have more energy to exercise because your endurance and your stamina are improved.

Go 2 to 9 months without smoking and your lungs will start to repair which will help the cilia to repair itself. You probably have a general idea what your lungs are and what they do, but what is Cilia? These are organelles that minimize your risk of infection by pushing mucus out of the lungs. So, the healthier your lungs are, the healthier the cilia are and the better it all works!

As you can see the restorative period for your body will begin to take place immediately.  But remember, the withdrawal symptoms can last for as long as six months. Some people will have shorter times, some people it will take a little longer.


What You Can Expect In The Long-Term

For anyone that smokes, they increase their risk for heart disease. After 1 year of quitting though, you decrease that risk by 50%. Smoking constricts the blood vessels which increases the risk of stroke. After not smoking for as little as 5 years, that risks return to that of a non-smoker for most.

Go 10 years without a cigarette and lung cancer risk, or other cancers such as mouth, esophagus, throat and other organs decreases to approximately half of what a non-smoker’s risk is. And go 15 years without smoking, almost all of the restorative progressions are complete!

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Electronic cigarettes have become an industry all their own – one that is estimated at more than $2 billion a year. They are a replacement, a substitute for traditional cigarettes as way to help smokers ease away from their nicotine addiction. They are said to be harmless and safe because they don’t have the same carcinogenic byproduct ingredients that the loose-leaf tobacco of traditional cigarettes.

But still, there is much still unknow about electronic cigarettes, the devices, and the e-liquid that provides the nicotine fix. After all, they are still a relatively new product, and while there has been much research and many studies done, in the world of research and study, there hasn’t been enough to grant them a 100% status of “safe”. And because science is a complicated arena, it may be years before that status is granted, if ever.

The Media Darling

Electronic cigarettes are somewhat the darling of the media these days you might say. Even with conventional cigarettes being banished from television as far back as the 1970s. Before that, there were television ads touting the varied brands of cigarettes on late night television shows to the Super Bowl commercials and more.

The Center for Disease Center found that an increase in electronic cigarette usage doubles between 2010 and 2011 among adult smokers. And high school senior admitted to experimenting with electronic cigarettes increased by 10 percent as well.

No. 8,490,628 B2

No. 8,490,628 B2 is the US patent application of the electronic cigarette. It defines it as “an electronic atomization cigarette that functions as substitutes [sic] for quitting smoking and cigarette substitutes.” First invented by a pharmacist in China in 2002 as smoking cessation device and today, the primary manufacturing of these devices remains in China, although they are manufactured around the world now.

These electronic cigarette devices atomize the propylene glycol solution that is called e-liquid or e-juice. That liquid or juice is doctored with nicotine and additional additives like coloring and flavoring. There are also electronic cigarettes that are modified to be used with cannabis products.

Smoke & Mirrors Of Electronic Cigarettes

Most of the meteoric rise of electronic cigarettes meteoric is credited to the manufacturers aggressive marketing. Their campaigns tout the benefits a smoker’s health will reap when they vape instead of smoke.

In 2014, the Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education at UC San Francisco conducted a survey of the website from sixty electronic cigarette manufacturers. They found ninety-percent of them stated that electronic cigarettes were cheaper, cleaner and healthier than traditional cigarettes. Just over 75% of them stated that there is no secondhand smoke produced by them and ¼ of them implemented paid endorsements by doctors to make these points stand out. This would lead one to think that the electronic cigarette companies are using their visibility to influence the strict requirements of the FDA in regard to labeling of their product.

What They Didn’t Talk About

What wasn’t mentioned on these websites is the amount of nicotine that electronic cigarettes deliver, which is approximately 20% percent of a traditional cigarette. This would mean that the average vaper is most likely huffing on an electronic cigarette longer than they would a traditional cigarette.

What those against electronic cigarettes are saying is that we don’t know for sure what electronic cigarettes are doing to our lungs in the long run. So, if you don’t know what you’re putting into your body, why do it? Electronic cigarettes are an unknown territory in many areas still, but we have learned that e-liquid, an inert chemical substrate, can affect your body in its heated state and then inhaled.

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Quit-SmokingThere are many more things that will challenge you personally than trying to stop smoking. Just ask and former smoker, or those who have tried to stop and couldn’t. We’ve asked around from those people and have collected some advice, ideas, and suggestions that can create a foundation toward success.

  • Clean House

The first thing you need to do once you have determined you are going to quit smoking, clean your home from top to bottom. Getting your home freshen up will get out that lingering cigarette smoke and that includes having the carpet, curtains, and furniture steam cleaned and all your clothes washed – even though you haven’t worn in sometime. Tobacco odor, even stale tobacco odor, will trigger cravings. With everything cleaned, that odor is gone and with this clean environment, the withdrawal will be easier.

  • Trash Any and All Smoking Paraphernalia

Get rid of the ashtrays, lighters, and other paraphernalia that you may have used while smoking. By eliminating these things from your home, you’re making a strong commitment and will be more likely to be successful.

  • Create and Stick with an Exercise Regimen

Take up cycling, running, or any healthy, vigorous exercise. This will give your body a dopamine release that will replace the one cigarettes gave you. Staying active will get the repair of your body going and your health will improve quicker and you see the progress in many ways. By keeping a focus on a rigorous exercise program, you will have less time thinking about cigarettes and smoking. It will also make you less likely to go back to smoking, since you won’t want to lose what you have already accomplished.

  • Find A Hobby

If you don’t have one already, find a hobby that is interesting that keeps your hands and mind of smoking. Many former smokers have turned to cooking simply because food taste better. Or painting and you can start that hobby by painting your house. That will give you a two-for-one result: It will keep your hands and mind busy while it gets the ceiling and walls clean.

  • Create Healthy Snacks

One of the first things you’ll notice when you stop smoking is an increase in your appetite. Which could be why many former smokers turn to cooking for a hobby!  You will snack to substitute the smoking, so make healthy choices like apples, carrots, and celery. The crunch will substitute the inhaling and the chewing will keep your mouth busy. And your hands will still be doing the familiar thing of sticking something in your mouth.

quitting smoking timetable


  • Invest In A Stress Ball

Finding a way to help you relax when you stop smoking is important. Smoking is often driven by anxiety and worry, so find a way to stay calm that doesn’t involve nicotine, something that will keep those hands busy. A stress ball is great for relief and a simple toy like a fidget spinner or silly putty can be helpful too.

  • Caffeine Reduction

With less nicotine in your body, you’ll find that coffee will affect you stronger and as a stimulant, your heart will work harder, which will increase your stress level. By reducing your intake of caffeine, you’ll find that you’ll start feeling less stress, sleep better, and overall, feel better.

  • Meditation

You may feel this is somewhat exotic and extreme, but meditation is a terrific way handle the psychological facets you’ll experience because of the withdrawal from the nicotine. Meditation is simply an exercise that uses deep breathing to help you focus and relax. You can use mental visions of things that make you feel relaxed, or chanting a mantra is helpful for many. Others will focus on their breathing and that alone helps them relax.

  • Increase Your Water Intake

Water speeds up the detox and eases your cough, which will help get that mucus out of your lungs. Water will also help decrease your urge to eat instead of smoke!

  • Breath Deep

Whenever that craving for a cigarette hits you, take in a slow, deep breath and hold it in, then slowly release it. This is a simple exercise that will relieve the stress that the nicotine cravings create, helping you to calm down and relax.  It will also help you with any dizziness, headaches, or lightheadedness you may experience as you go through detox.

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An alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes is the use of electronic cigarettes. They are touted as being safe and many smokers think they look “cool”. It is those two things that have grabbed the interest of smokers that are looking for help to quit that expensive, nasty, unhealthy habit they have now.

Electronic cigarettes aren’t really all that new, but they haven’t been on the market long enough for health experts to get a clear knowledge on the long-term effects, good or bad. Not so much the vapor itself being the question, but the e-juice that is used in e-cigs which creates the vapor. But what most experts do agree on so far is that electronic cigarettes are safer than the traditional tobacco. They may not be 100% safe within themselves, but in comparison, they are safer.

What Is E-Juice?

E-Juice or E-Liquid is what goes inside the E-cigarettes and is heated up by a battery electrical connection to create the vapor. This simple compound is an integral part of vaping, consisting of a few ingredients. Those ingredients aren’t anything new, they have been in existence for years.

E-Cigs History

It was a Chinese pharmacist, a smoker himself, that first came up with the e-cig idea with the goal of improving the health of smokers (and those around them). His motivation for this idea was fueled when his own father passed away from lung cancer. His invention was on the market by 2007 and 7 years later, the electronic cigarette market had grossed over 2 billion dollars.

The Here and Now of E-Cigs

Vape Mods are the part of the electronic cigarette that ad has an atomizer, aka heating element, inside. The simple device releases vapor instead of smoke that traditional cigarettes do by heating a special liquid that inside the vape tank. The user inhales that vapor which serves as a conduit that gets the nicotine into the users’ system.

The Future of E-Cigs

As more and more people become conscious of their health and the things that can affect them, electronic e-cigarettes will continue to grow in popularity. And so will the concerns of how e-liquid can affect the health of those who convert from traditional to electronic cigarettes.

The long-term effect of electronic cigarettes and the vaporized e-liquid used in them will be researched and studied for many years to come most likely before experts are satisfied with the findings.  So, what exactly is in those e-liquids? Let’s take a look:

Vegetable Glycerin – This comes from plant oils such as coconut, palm, or soy. It is clear and odorless, and the natural triglycerides contain fatty acid s that are esterified with glycerin. Other products we use everyday contain this ingredient such as cosmetics and foods.  Because it is considered a safe ingredient in so many other products, there hasn’t been that much research performed to tell us the long-term effect of using it.

Propylene Glycol – This is the primary ingredient in most of the e-cigarette cartridges and e-liquids. This is an FDA approved ingredient for inhaling, injecting, or topical application. Common household items contain this ingredient.  Inhaling this ingredient has brought about questions over the past 70 years, but the results have proven that there is no apparent danger in haling it.

Natural Flavoring – Another FDA approved ingredient that has no artificial additives, colors, ingredients, or sweeteners. When it comes to be considered safe for ingesting or inhaling, this FDA approved ingredient is considered to be safer than other ingredients. They have not been tested in regard to the safety of this ingredient when it comes to inhaling. Over the years, some various flavorings have proven to cause health concerns such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, “popcorn lung”.

Nicotine – This is an optional ingredient for e-cig users. For those trying to kick the habit, they can lessen the amount of this ingredient over a period time until they reach the point of not having any nicotine at all. This liquid alkaloid is an organic ingredient that is made from carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and occasionally oxygen. It has been well-known for years that nicotine is a dangerous addictive ingredient. Recent studies have found nicotine doesn’t have any indication of harmful effect when inhaled in a pure form.

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