How Your Body Is Affected After You Quit Smoking

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Your body will experience many things, both mentally and physically, after you quit smoking. We’re going to talk about the short-term effects you’ll experience as well as the long-term effects you’ll experience.

What You Can Expect In The Short Term

The effects in the short-term start as soon as twenty minutes after your last cigarette. And that is your heart rate slowing down. The chemicals that are produced by cigarette ingredients are known to speed up the heart and raise the blood pressure. Go 20 minutes without a cigarette and both of those things will drop.

smokerWithin 2 hours, your blood pressure and heart rate are back to normal and that allows your body’s peripheral circulation to improve, meaning, your extremities such as your fingers regain their sense of feel. On the downside, you will also gain an appetite with cravings, become anxious, irritable, and sleepy. These are symptoms of withdrawal.

After 12 hours of quitting, the blood oxygen in your body raises up to a normal level.  The carbon monoxide that releases from those cigarettes you’ve been inhaling are toxic to your body’s blood cells. Once your body goes 12 hours without a cigarette, those blood cells and oxygen can bond.

Going 24 hours without a cigarette, you lower your heart attack risks. And within 48 hours, those nerve endings that smoking has killed, regrow and you will notice you can smell things and taste things you haven’t in a long time. After three days of not smoking, the nicotine levels in your body are depleted. What you do gain though are more cravings, you become irritable and tense.

Two to 3 weeks after you quit smoking, your body will experience regenerative processes, such as in your circulation, your heart, and your lungs. With these regenerated, you will have more energy to exercise because your endurance and your stamina are improved.

Go 2 to 9 months without smoking and your lungs will start to repair which will help the cilia to repair itself. You probably have a general idea what your lungs are and what they do, but what is Cilia? These are organelles that minimize your risk of infection by pushing mucus out of the lungs. So, the healthier your lungs are, the healthier the cilia are and the better it all works!

As you can see the restorative period for your body will begin to take place immediately.  But remember, the withdrawal symptoms can last for as long as six months. Some people will have shorter times, some people it will take a little longer.


What You Can Expect In The Long-Term

For anyone that smokes, they increase their risk for heart disease. After 1 year of quitting though, you decrease that risk by 50%. Smoking constricts the blood vessels which increases the risk of stroke. After not smoking for as little as 5 years, that risks return to that of a non-smoker for most.

Go 10 years without a cigarette and lung cancer risk, or other cancers such as mouth, esophagus, throat and other organs decreases to approximately half of what a non-smoker’s risk is. And go 15 years without smoking, almost all of the restorative progressions are complete!

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