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You have finally decided to quit smoking. Congratulations on a decision that you will surely not regret and indeed, something to look forward to life. The next step that you’re about to take would be challenging on your part. So, it needs for you to fully encourage yourself to be successful in this life journey. Although there will be failures, the good thing is that people are willing to support and walk you through the certain pathway.

Staying healthy is a choice and a decision. Keep in mind that not everyone has the same mindset. As you continue to unravel, managing your steps is crucial, and it takes a lot of confidence to fulfill it. At some point in time, you will experience and find yourself smoking again, but that is a normal response because you slowly you’re changing an unhealthy lifestyle to a “newer you.” To fully equip your mind, here are the following steps.

1. Making a Quit plan- having a good plan to quit smoking helps you motivated. It pushes you to your limits until such that you can do quit smoking. Making a plan is easier, and it stays you focused as well. Create a quitting plan that suits build your confidence, or you can always affiliate with an organization that can provide a quitting plan for you to follow.

2. Smokers Association Program- as mentioned, an organization to help you quit smoking is also a good choice especially if you don’t know where to start and what to do. The program that they make is beneficial, and the success rate is high as well. Look for an organization in your local area to provide you with quitting methods.

3. Stay occupied- make yourself busy with things. If you are not used to this kind of routine, change it! Helping yourself is one way for you have a great breakthrough. For example, by doing daily exercise, go out for a walk, drink plenty of water or spend more time with people who don’t smoke. There are more you can do to keep yourself busy.

4. Avoid the trigger of smoking- as you can see, there are many ways for you to be triggered again to start puffing a stick of cigarette. However, this can be managed or not you’ll eventually smoke again. As much as possible, avoid areas that can trigger you to smoke. If you are surrounded by smokers, have the strength to flee from such environment.

5. Be positive- the struggle is tough, and it takes one step at a time. Quitting smoking doesn’t happen in an instant. You’ll have to go through it and work your best to live a healthier life by slowly changing your routine. Pay attention to things that can motivate you, and this will help you thrive more to be positive. The moment you start quitting may not be a perfect story ever, but you have made a move and end the day feeling good.

Applying these five steps in managing your time to quit smoking helps you build a better version of yourself. It is understandable that it takes longer to reach your goal. Now is the best time for you to change and take that big leap towards a healthier lifestyle. Start a newer habit that today and you will see how you have changed. This is a good encouragement for individuals who want to decide to quit smoking and start fresh again with their lives.

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e juice

Ever since vaping became popular there have been those who have opposed the use of e-cigs, saying that they are harmful to human health, however now, experts have taken a new tack, claiming that it may not be the e-cigarettes themselves that are causing damage but the e-liquids themselves.

While the medical profession now seems to be coming around to the idea that vaping is a much safer alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes, scientists are constantly working to prove otherwise, and now a study which was carried out in Kentucky and the University of Louisville seems to suggest that the chemical flavourings used in the manufacture of certain e-juices could be the cause of the health concerns associated with vaping.

Threat From Flavourings

In the tests carried out by the University of Louisville’s research team, it appeared that people who prefer cinnamon and citrus flavours are most at risk of causing damage to their heart since these flavourings appear to damage the heart muscle cells which regulate the heartbeat.

15 different flavourings were tested in the study which examined the way in which different flavours affect the heart muscle cells (or cardiomyocytes). These cells are key to assisting the heart in its task of pumping blood effectively around the body and to regulating its ability to beat rhythmically. As part of the testing process, the scientists examined how the chemicals used in these flavourings affected the cells at a range of different temperatures.

Citrus and Cinnamon Flavours Most Damaging

vape liquidAlthough the chemical flavourings used to make e-liquids are generally believed to be safe since they are used as food additives, there is very little understood at the present time about any impact they may have on the function of the human heart, and how heating the compounds could affect their toxicity.

The result of this recent study revealed that some e-juice flavours could have a potentially harmful effect on vapers’ hearts. E-juices which used cinnamon flavourings were shown to prevent the heart muscle cells from contracting for a whole day after they had been in contact with the vapour, while citrus, floral and clove flavourings caused the muscle cells in the heart to beat more quickly. These findings back up an earlier study carried out last year which revealed that strawberry flavourings were the most toxic for the lungs. Now, the research team are concerned that if the compounds can interact with the heart muscle in a negative way, they could also directly change the way in which the cell functions.

Calls To Ban E-Cig Flavours

There have already been calls from health officials for flavoured e-cigarettes to be banned from sale in an attempt to prevent children from being encouraged to try vaping, with claims that sweet flavours such as chocolate, strawberry and bubble gum enticing young people to try out the devices. However, the Independent British Vape Trade Association and the Action on Smoking and Health charity have hit back at such calls, saying that flavoured e-juices have a key role in helping smokers to quit the habit.

The results of this new study is likely to bring a renewed round of calls for dessert flavourings to be banned, with more controversy likely to ensue.

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